Naser Giv Ghasab

About Me

Naser Giv Ghasab Born in 1958 into a Tehran family with a butchery background, Giv pursued a diverse journey encompassing medicine, military science, and eventually art. While he initially engaged in political activism during the Iranian Revolution, his focus shifted to art after a five-year imprisonment. Giv delved into jewelry making and painting, embracing various influences and gradually transitioning from figurative to abstract art. His significant contribution to the establishment of Jewelry Design as a major at Tehran University of Art marked a departure from traditional paths, bridging ethnic themes with modern academic theories. Over the years, Giv’s artistic evolution has been marked by a shift from political expression to a conceptual exploration, including environmentally influenced works, sculptures, and jewelry that serve as tools for analyzing and understanding social issues

In the subsequent years, Giv’s art evolved further, reflecting environmental concerns and societal shifts. He explored unconventional mediums and incorporated live creatures into his installations, addressing issues like replication, genetic engineering, and ecosystem changes. The culmination of these explorations resulted in the exhibition “Slaughterhouse,” where paintings and sculptures depicted the impact of Giv’s tumultuous life experiences, emphasizing the emotional intensity and metamorphic figures within the artworks. This ongoing project showcases collections of primitive creatures, blurring the boundaries between paintings, sculptures, and jewelry.