HANDWERK & DESIGN Fair Munich 2024

From February 28th to March 3rd, 2024, five works by Abdolnasser Givghasab will be showcased in the Frame section of Munich Jewelry Week. You can view these pieces in the section dedicated to this event.

“Munich Jewelry Week” is an annual event that celebrates contemporary jewelry design in the vibrant city of Munich, Germany. It serves as a platform for both established and emerging jewelry artists to showcase their innovative designs, techniques, and concepts to a global audience.

During Munich Jewelry Week, various exhibitions, workshops, talks, and events take place across the city, creating a dynamic and interactive environment for jewelry enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals. These events often feature a diverse range of materials, styles, and themes, reflecting the evolving landscape of contemporary jewelry art.

One of the highlights of Munich Jewelry Week is the opportunity for artists to engage with fellow creators, collectors, and the public, fostering collaboration, dialogue, and networking within the jewelry community. Attendees can explore exhibitions featuring cutting-edge designs, attend lectures and panel discussions on jewelry-related topics, and even participate in hands-on workshops to learn new techniques and skills.

Overall, Munich Jewelry Week offers a unique and enriching experience for anyone interested in the art of jewelry design, providing a platform for creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange within the international jewelry community.